Doreen Shotton talking about her experience of cancer in later life

The story in the video is about Halton OPEN Committee Member, Doreen Shotton.  Doreen sadly passed away recently due to cervical cancer.  Doreen’s wishes were that no one should have to go through the terrible experience that she had to go through and she requested that we raise awareness of this issue and campaign, with Age UK and Age UK Mid Mersey, for improvements to be made in the screening process cervical cancer and all other relevant cancers.

Cancer is a disease that mainly affects older people

By 2020, Age UK predicts that there will be two million people aged 65 and over alive following a diagnosis of cancer. The likelihood of getting most types of cancer increases with age, and half of all cancers are diagnosed in people over 70. Shockingly though, the incidence of cancer in over 75’s is increasing compared to other age groups and many of these cancers are discovered when it is too late – when the person is admitted as an emergency.

At Halton OPEN we are keen to gain support from our members so that we can change attitudes in the medical profession. We hope that through our campaigning the age at which people are offered screening will be reviewed and increased.  We, alongside Age UK, feel that screening for cancer and subsequent treatments should be based on need and not age. Early diagnosis and awareness of cancer are essential. We also feel that the current screening process around certain cancers, such as cervical cancer, is not meeting the needs of an ageing population and this needs to change.

Doreen’s story shows why we need change in the way we care for older people with cancer. Click on the link below to see Doreen’s story

Thanks to  Age UK and Age UK Mid Mersey for sharing this information with us and for letting us take part in the video.  Special thanks go to Doreen’s family.